Oslo Norway!

February 6, 2016

The flight from Dublin into Oslo was not bad. Ryan Air is really the way to go when traveling throughout Europe. We only had a day and wanted to make the most out of it.

Oslo is an interesting city. We walked off the plane and automatically dropped on the hotness scale.

Everyone there was gorgeous.

The hostel was the most expensive on the whole trip. $90 a night to stay in an 8 bedroom dorm. It was worth it.

We walked around downtown and did a little shopping (which was crazy expensive) and saw some “interesting” art sculptures. I can’t say that I was moved but appreciated the cultural aspect. After some fancy hot chocolate we called it a night.

IMG_5359 IMG_5356 IMG_5357

The next day was our time to explore Oslo. The first stop was the Opera House. Known for its amazing acoustics.

IMG_4707 IMG_4758

THEN! The Viking Ship Museum! This was a hug highlight for me this trip. This was so amazing to me. They found these ships buried in a farm yard. The vikings would buried their captain with supplies for the next world when they died. Sometimes they would bury a horse. The vikings loved details as you can see from the bottom of the ship.

IMG_4723  IMG_4726 IMG_4727

We decided not to visit the famous Frogner Park. We really had limited time and really enjoyed the viking ship museum. I have a little genealogy here which made it more meaningful.

Our plan was to meet Jens brother in Bergen Norway which is directly west of Oslo.  7 hours by train and only a few by airplane.  He recommended we fly into Oslo, spend a day, then take the train to Bergen. This was a good choice! The scenery was worth the travel time on the train and saved us some souvenir money.

IMG_5425 IMG_4793 IMG_4775

Check out my next post on what to do in Bergen Norway!


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