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February 2, 2016

I did it!

I finally took a trip to Europe.

It was worth every penny. I have had a goal for over 5 years to get there. Thanks to my adventurous roommate we bought the tickets and had an amazing time.

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Our flight was from Austin>DC>Dublin. I was able to sleep on the flight. I woke up refreshed only to find that Jen had a horrible flight :/

Driving on the other side of the road was one of the biggest stresses for me on this trip. Not to mention it was a manual car!!! However, I rocked it like a boss.

Dublin was nice. We followed our good friend Kim’s advice and only stayed a day. I recommend this to anyone going to Ireland. Dublin was fun, but not a few days fun. We did the city bus and stopped at a  few cool sites. The Irish sure do love their Guinness.

Next morning we drove up to the north side of the island. WOW, it was so Beautiful!  If I could do it all over again I would probably end the trip with the northern side, spending at least two days there.





Giants Causeway and the rope bridge were the firsts sites we saw. Off the sea shore there are rocks formed in hexagonal shapes. Everyone that we show these picture to don’t believe they are natural. The legend is giants used them as a bridge to Scotland. The same rock formations are on the south side of Scotland.

Rope Bridge, used by Irish fishermen.

It is safe to cross but I can’t image what it was like back when they didn’t have the technology to make sure those things are safe!

Moving along.

This was my favorite castle. Our guides name was Hazel. She walked us around this old ancient castle and told us how life what’s when it was lived in.

There was even a mermaid cave!

The next stop was Mussenden Temple at the Bishops Gate. These are grounds that were lived on in the 1800s.  The Irish country side. Sigh…

We went on hikes through the fields of Ireland and checked out more castles.

The weather was cold, but nice to get out of the Texas heat. Scarves, hats and boots 🙂

Sunday we planned to hit up church, however the address was really broad. It just said a building on a street. No numbers or anything! We drove along the street hoping to see a chapel but none to be found and church starting soon. Finally we said a prayer and decided to look for a guy in a suit or a BYU sticker. We saw a man in a suit and I ran up to him and asked him if he knew where this church was. He was a member and the building was really close! They were so nice and the spirit was so strong in the branch. They even fed us chili before we left.

Driving down the Island was beautiful. Of course we stopped by the cliffs of Moher!

And purchased matching rain coats 🙂

Jen is seriously the best travel buddy. We packed plenty of snacks, did plenty of shopping, took plenty of pictures, and had plenty of laughs. For the long drives we listened to Harry Potter which satisfied her need to talk, and my need to be introverted. FTW!

We kept heading south and did the ring of Dingle, and the ring of Kerry. Great views besides the fog. Did I mention I was driving a stick, on the other side of the road? In the fog? Next to a cliff? On small roads? Oh, just wanted to make sure.

This is the Muckross house. The tour was so interesting. They prepared for 6 years for the Queen of England to visit for 2 days. We hiked around the grounds all morning. Something I like about Europe is people made it a point to hangout outside. Healthy for the soul.

So we hung out on the lawn. So nice 🙂

The next adventure was the national forest. The waterfall there was amazing. If I could go back I would have spent more time here too.

Onto the Kileary stone. The castle was cool… Kissing the Kilearny stone was ok. Gives me the gift of gab? No thanks. I was hoping for something a little more sexy.

At least we were the lasts ones there so the worker let us take a funny picture.



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