Bergen Norway

February 20, 2016

Bergen Norway is an amazing place to visit


I love this family! They have been all over the world, and are the best of friends. They really know how to travel (with kids especially).  They are living in Bergen right now for work and travel all over Europe when they can. We are staying with them for a week.

We came into Bergen late that night and talked late into the night. We woke up early the next morning for Kayaking in the Fjords! This was one the main thing we wanted to do on our trip.  We even took a rowing/kayaking class so we could prepare for it.

IMG_5453   It took us a while to get all 3 kayaks together for a picture.


With this Nordic adventure we had the Kayaks for most of the day as well as lunch. We stopped at a little river bank to go swimming. The answer to your question is YES! It was very cold. The lunch was decent and the guide was really nice.


We kayaked back a ways to a waterfall which was clean water right out of a glacier.


It usually rains mid day in Bergen and today was no exception. The winds and rain came shortly after that and it was a ways back to base. Lets just say our summer of Kayaking really paid off. #reallytired

The next day we visited the Bryggan.  Currently this is a world cultural heritage site with Bryggen houses museums, shops, restaurants and pubs. There was the farmers market and festivals going on that morning.


IMG_4848 IMAG1995 IMG_5492 IMG_5850 IMG_5857 IMG_5860 IMG_5476

Another highlight was Mt Floyen.

IMG_4866 - Version 2

There is about a mile long train that will take you to the top. IMG_5932

Spending the extra money to get to the top is worth it.

Supposedly trolls are a thing there!        IMG_4872

We hiked for the rest of the day and experienced a breath taking sunset.

IMG_4880 IMG_4875


The other days seemed to blur together but I do remember our last day there was a bike ride along the Fjords.

The weather was nice and it seemed like everyone was out and being active in nature. Im not sure why I love this picture so much. There were other pictures along the Fjords but this seemed to symbolize the culture there.  I hope one day to go back to Norway and stay a little longer.




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