Guilty… and I know it

June 4, 2016

Guilty! I haven’t written in a while… and I know it.

I got a new job in December and it has thrown my blogging off for a good couple months.

UGH! This is why I started this blog! To become location independent and travel. I still have desires to make that happen. I am VERY grateful for my current job and really appreciate my boss and co workers. They all work so hard and are so helpful to me as I have climbed this learning curve. At the end of the day I still daydream about “how” can I make this blog work and become location independent. I often day dream of spending a few months in Utah during the summer and spend time with my family. I daydream about taking an RV across the country for a year with my boyfriend. I day dream about teaching english in Thailand, Africa, Spain, and Brazil.

I feel so exhausted afterwork the last thing I want to do is scour the internet of other travel bloggers and how they have become successful.  Worse I have the TBS membership and haven’t looked at it since setting up my blog. GUILTY!

My boyfriend (who is location independent with his work) asks if this blog is just a hobby or do I really intend for it to become a business.  I guess the answer is, I am still trying to figure that out. I would like to build something for myself rather then someone else.  I don’t want a job they say “your butt needs to be in this chair from this time to this time.” I would like to work more with people.

What can I offer that people will keep coming back to my thoughts, pictures and inspirations? Do I need to create a digital product? Take the instagram angle? Affiliate links?  I am not afraid of hard work, I just need it to have some traction. I am really thinking about getting and ESL certification. Time will tell.

This is my little side rant. I will be posting on my trip to Italy and New Orleans.

As a side note! I had a goal to travel to Italy and New Orleans in 2016 and I DID IT! At least I have that going for me 😉 Onward!




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