Hang glide in Rio De Janeiro

December 18, 2015

Loved it and would do it again!

Hang gliding was on our bucket list from the beginning. We both have never been.

We got a great deal from our Hostel ,the Vidigal House all for around $120USD. The runs are dependent on the weather. Luckily there had been some rain the day before which results in a nice breeze the following morning.

Our morning started out fairly early. The driver picked us up and we were off to the near by beach where the hang gliders would land. We waited for our turn to be bussed up the mountain. We got to rid in a jeep!

The top was a little cloudy. I was worried we wouldn’t be able to see anything.

IMG_1629     IMG_1627

First they secured the harness and did a few practice runs. Meaning, you would run along side them imitating the launch. The main this is to have your harness checked and stay close to your guide. I wore my glasses and they provided a safety tie (made out of electrical tape, it was worth it).


And we were off!

My guide was 52 years old and had been doing this for 30 years. His house was close to the launch pad and he averaged 4 runs a day. I asked him what he did in his spare time and he said surf. Baller.

The clouds split, and we had an amazing view of the city as well as the ocean.

The view is incredible as you can tell, and check out that golf course!

The hang time was about 10 minutes.

We were able to go out around the ocean which I really enjoyed. The weather was great! We both got a little sunburned on our calves so just be careful! Even when it is cloudy it’s worth putting on sunscreen.
Don’t stress about the landing.

It’s a whole lot better than skydiving! They fly close to the ground with your feet dangling, then tip up the sail to catch the air in front resulting in a nice soft landing. I highly recommend doing this if you are in Rio! The gliders seems to be all connected so I can’t say one company is better then the other.

My main take away? Make sure you get the pictures and the video. I am so quick to pass because I like to save money, but then you look back and can appreciate the experience a little more.

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