Milan Italy

June 9, 2016

Wow… Just wow

This trip seemed to come up quicker then I expected.

My roommate Jen (and former Travel buddy in Ireland and Norway) was invited to be a bridesmaid in Sicily. SO! We made a girls trip out of it. Our former roommate Candace who lives in Tennessee met us there. They had both been to Italy before but it was my first time.

I want to give a quick shout out to Emirates. What a fabulous airline. A huge comfortable plane with good food. The flight attendants were very sweet. I will defiantly fly with them again going over seas.

We flew into Milan early in the morning and walked around the Duomo Square. Wow… just wow. The Gothic Roman Cathedral that began in 1386 AD. and was completed in 1805. This took THOUSANDS of workers to complete. The detail was breath taking… It literally took my breath away walking in.

IMG_2745 IMG_2741

We continued to walk around the square and do some window shopping and waited for Candace to get there.

After dinner and some shopping we went back to our hotel which was The Square Milano Duomo.  It was a nice hotel and conveniently placed close to the center of town.

BUT the best part was the continental breakfast in the morning.  Check this out!

IMG_2751 IMG_2752 IMG_2750

The best sight to see after a long day of travel. It felt like a really fancy business lunch. Everything was good.

This was nice to get a big meal in because we spent the rest of the day walking and traveling to Cinque Terre. Below is the Milano train station which I also recommend for traveling within Italy.

On to the next Adventure!


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