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June 6, 2016

Winter is interesting in Texas. There are days that can chill you to the bone, and others you go camping.

A group of us recently went out to Enchanted Rock in Llano Texas. This is a huge pink granite rock in the middle of Texas that rises 425 feet above the ground and covers 640 acres. There is camping at the site but book early in advance. They fill up quick.

We reserved at a different camp site called Oxford Ranch about 15 minutes away. I was expecting a little bit more out of this camp site. It had little fire pits that could be moved or kicked over easily. There were some picnic tables but unless you got there early, you wouldn’t have one. The bathrooms were at the entrance and comparatively nice.

We found a secluded place which was nice. The weather was much better than a couple weeks ago at Mckinney falls (SO COLD). We woke up early and decided if we left around 9:30am the lines wouldn’t be that long. To our surprise it was PACKED! we spent another 30-45 minutes waiting in line to get in.

Once we were there the real fun began. It is a steep climb to the top but anyone can do it. We saw little kids hiking and even someone in sandals!

Make sure you get a picture on the camel on the way up the steep hill.            IMG_2455

The rangers there will not tell you about the caves but if you go past the top you will see a cluster of trees. You can do some spelunking through the rocks. It is slightly intimidating but you will be safe. There are even markers on the wall to tell you where to go. Remember to bring a head lamp!


The top is a great view of the landscape. I say it is worth the trip… and an handstand contest.

IMG_2535 IMG_2457



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