Renaissance Festival – Houston Texas

November 16, 2016

It was a Barbarian weekend…

Seriously. I saw a man drinking out of a horn, and it was amazing.

For those who haven’t been to a Renaissance Fair, this is a gathering on different Themed Weekends  which recreate a historical feel for entertainment. Yes, it was very entertaining.  Even if this festival just consisted of people watching, it would be worth it. The costumes are amazing! There were so many people!


It was much bigger then I expected.

The park is actually 55 acres. There is Camping and Lodging near by if you don’t want to deal with the traffic (which is actually terrible) so it might be worth it.

Parking is free, unless you want preferred parking which is $15. They really had this laid out well and didn’t feel like we had to walk that far with the general parking.

Make sure to get yourself a Turkey Leg!

There were plenty of vendors and shows all day long. Bring CASH so you can buy food and tip the performers. You are not allowed to bring food and drink into the park. We ate a Costco pizza before we got there which hit the spot. We also bought our tickets there which were discounted 2 for $37.

My FAVORITE performance was the “Fire Whip” show that went every 1.5 hours. He is a great entertainer. We saw it twice!


Things I wish I would have done…

  1. I wish I would have dressed up.

IT WAS HOT (it’s Texas in November) so I felt bad for those with multiple layers on. Although you could be like this family and not worry about layers. But it would have been fun for the day.


2. I wish we would have either come early morning or late in the afternoon.

It would have been fun to see the shops and shows without it being so crowded in the morning. At the same time there were some night shows that I wish we could have seen. We got there about 1:00pm and stayed until 5:30pm. Again, the traffic was really bad. We planned to be there at 11:00 but lunch and traffic prevented us from getting there.

There are some weekend packages so you can hit up both morning and night if you wanted to get the full experience, rather then staying there all day.

Live Jousting in the Arena!
3. I  wish I would have studied the schedule.

I wish I knew more of what was going on throughout the day rather then just showing up and seeing what happened. A little research goes a long way.


img_3983      img_3967

4. I wish I would have brought kids

No I don’t have kids yet but I do have nieces and nephews. They would have LOVED seeing all the costumes and activities. I will defiantly bring my family here one day.

This is a must at least once in your life.

The Houston Texas Renaissance Festival is great for all different types of people. It’s family friendly environment makes it great for all people.

If you are interested in buy tickets CLICK HERE.

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