6th Street     They say 120 people move to Austin everyday.

I believe it.

The secret is out. Austin is one of the most amazing cities in America. I moved here in 2011 from Utah. I couldn’t stand the snow any longer. For some reason, Austin was calling my name (and it looks like I am not the only one). I had never been before, didn’t know anyone who lived there, I just went.

Austin has treated me very well these last 4 years. 

I hope with this Blog post, you will be inspired to come visit. The best time to come is between March and June. The wild flowers are out and the weather is fair. Yes, Texas gets hot. My theory is: I would rather be to hot for 3 months, then be to cold for 7 months. I would recommend waiting out the summer months between July and September. June is alright with me because the weather is expected to warm up. It is September that gets hard. You are just ready for the weather to change.

Follow me as I give you my recommendations for visiting Austin.