Top 10 things to do in Austin for the Holidays

January 16, 2016

If you know anything about me or this blog, you know I love where I live.

Austin Texas!

I have lived here for 4 years and take advantage of the local events happening. Here is a list of my favorite things to do during the Holidays.

Trail of lights (with fun run)


This is an amazing way to bring a community together. Zilker park is used for multiple events year round. In December they decorate the loop around the park with lights and decoration sponsored by companies around the city. The loop is about a mile long which makes the sight even more impressive. The opening day is a 5K fun run where you dress up how ever you want. Keep Austin Weird!


IMG_1963  IMG_1969

This is close by the Trail of Lights . Austin has a historic moon tower used back in the 1890s as a security system. It still stands close to Barton Springs and is used for the holiday season. Standing 165 feet above the ground, Austin decorates it as a huge Christmas tree. With food trucks and local vendors (of course) you can spend a night with the family. You might question why everyone is spinning under the tree, don’t question, just try it. You will see why.

MOZARTS COFFE SHOP light show and hot coco

IMG_0176  IMG_0169

A VERY impressive light show happens every year at Mozarts Coffee shop. Dress warm and enjoy a holiday musical every 30 minutes. They have amazing deserts as well as coffee and hot coco.

Bethlehem in Burnet

IMG_1998 IMG_2011 IMG_2001

2015 was the first year that I have attended Bethlehem in Burnett. It was a truly amazing experience. The First Baptist Church hosts a real life Jerusalem experience. They have grown over the years and have added each year. The locals dress up as priests, shop keepers, and even Roman guards. They keep in character and will tell you about how they operated back in the time of Jesus Christ. Shepard boys will run through the crowds proclaiming they were visited by angels and about the happy news. You find you way under the start to see Mary and Joseph with their baby in a manger.

Prepare to stand in line for a while. They only host this for 2 weekends the first of December so mark your calendars. They have hot chocolate and cookies at the end. They also accept donation so plan to bring some cash.

Elf Quote Along Alamo draft house

Seriously… An ELF Quote along?!?!

Alamo draft house is a MUST DO if you come to Austin. If you can catch a Quote along to your favorite movie even better!

ICE SKATING on top of Whole foods

The mecca of Whole foods is in Downtown Austin Texas and between November and January. Plan a night with an amazing view of the downtown area for $10s.  Not a bad choice for dinner either! They have any type of food you can think of. Plan to go hungry.


IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1891

I love Austin for many reasons. One of them is how giving and resourceful they are. They have free open art studios for homeless people which are voluntarily taught by local art teachers.  Every year they do an art exhibit to sell their work. This event is voluntary and all proceeds go to help the homeless.


IMG_2049 IMG_2048 IMG_2047 IMG_2046

This was my first year attending this. Hosted at the Palmer Event Center, this art bizarre is one not to miss! Dozens of art vendors brings their amazing works to sell. It has everything you can think of.

DECORATE CHRISTMAS TREES  on Capital of Texas Highway

I have yet to decorate a Christmas Tree off the side of 360. Yes tons of locals have this tradition every year and it is getting more popular each year. This is a fun way to get your family and friends outside and decorate a tree for all of Austin to see.

Volunteer to help wrap presents

IMG_2051 IMG_2050

This year I helped out at the Austin Children’s Shelter. This was a great experience. So many families were helped by secret Santa’s and who doesn’t love wrapping presents.

Austin doesn’t have a White Christmas but we sure know how to rock the holidays.


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